Our Curriculum

The following is an example of just some of the extended curriculum that we offer at Beehive:

  • Pre-reading and Language Readiness Skills: eye/hand coordination and alphabet recognition
  • Health, Nutrition, and Safety: self-care, fire safety, and exercise
  • Music: singing and dancing
  • Art: painting, colors, and creating with clay
  • Social Studies: the calendar, feelings and emotions, and communities
  • Math: telling time, size perception, and numbers
  • Science: weights and measurements, weather, and animals

The Beehive utilizes computers to reinforce its curriculum.


In addition to our regular subjects, we offer other special programs: children's theater, magicians, Zoomobile, and other exciting learning experiences that will enhance your child's growth and development.

During the year a variety of fun and educational field trips are scheduled. The center encourages parents to chaperone trips to places such as the zoo, library and local parks.

Our Staff

The Beehive Childhood Center is grateful to have a dedicated staff that is committed to excellence. Our staff welcomes children into their classrooms from all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, races, nationalities, and social/economic classes, as well as other characteristics that contribute to each child's individual identity. The teachers transform the environment to enhance and meet each child's learning opportunities and capabilities. The staff prepares children for further studies by introducing them to other activities: letters, numbers, language, computers, library skills, music, art, ethics and yoga.

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